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Our Team - Richard L Sensenig Company


Kirby Sensenig - President

Kirby Sensenig

Phone Ext. 101President

Kirby started his career here in 1985 as a roofing mechanic and sheet metal installer. After several years of on the job training and formal classroom education he was promoted to a roofing estimator in 1989. Kirby served in that capacity until 2002 when he assumed his present position as President.

Cory Sensenig - Vice President

Cory Sensenig

Vice President
Phone Ext. 111Metal Fabrication

Cory started his career as a sheet metal mechanic in 1982 and was promoted to foreman in 1984, installing metal trim and standing seam roofing systems. Cory was instrumental in starting the industrial metals division and served as estimator and draftsman since 1989. Cory is presently the Corporate Vice President and is in charge of the Industrial Metals Division.

Owen Sensenig - Secretary/Treasurer

Owen Sensenig

Phone Ext. 106Secretary/Treasurer

Owen is the first member of the third generation to join the company. He started his career here in 2006. He is a graduate of Gettysburg College with a BA in Business Management. After spending several years on the roof, Owen joined the management team running the office operations until he was tapped to fill a need as superintendent in charge of multiple roofing projects.

Edward Sensenig - Consultant

Edward Sensenig

Phone Ext. 107Consultant

Edward is the last of the founding members of Richard L Sensenig Co. He started as a sheet metal installer in 1959 and worked in that capacity until 1965 when the company was incorporated. He assumed the position of Vice President and worked in many capacities over the early years from sales to estimating to project management. Edward is presently serving in a consulting position.

Custom Industrial & Commerical Roofing Services

Dave Lausch - Sr. Roofing Estimator

Dave Lausch

Phone Ext. 103Sr. Roofing Estimator

Dave started his career with Richard L Sensenig Co. in 1980. A graduate of Millersville University, he worked on several roofing projects before taking an estimating position. Dave has been an instrumental part of the organization ever since and assumed his present position as Senior Estimator in charge of roofing in 1996.

Ryk Smith - Roofing Estimator

Ryk Smith

Phone Ext. 105Roofing Estimator

Ryk began his career in 1985 as a roofing mechanic. He worked in many capacities in the roofing division until he was promoted to a sales and marketing position in 1998. He then moved to an estimating position in 2000 and has been estimating and managing many projects since that time.

Robin Sweigart - Roofing Estimator

Robin Sweigart

Phone Ext. 104Roofing Estimator

Robin started with the company in 1975 as a sheet metal fabricator and installer and advanced to a foreman in 1977. In 1995 Robin was promoted to shop foreman in charge of metal fabrication and worked in that capacity until 2008, when he was tapped to fill a need as roofing estimator.

Brian Fasnacht - Field Superintendent

Brian Fasnacht

Phone Ext. 112Field Superintendent

Brian started his career here as a roofing mechanic in 1976. He quickly advanced to a roofing foreman in 1978. Brian was the site manager for many of our largest roofing projects over the years until he was tapped to fill an estimating position in 1996. In 2003 Brian shifted his efforts to our Field Superintendents office where he serves today as scheduler.

Craig Stover - Field Superintendent

Craig Stover

Phone Ext. 115Field Superintendent

Craig started his career here in 1980 and was promoted to a site foreman in 1984. Craig proved his management abilities by performing field supervision for many of our more complex projects over the years. He was tapped to fill a need in our Superintendents office in 2005 and has been serving in that capacity ever since.

Industrial Metals

John Schmidt - Fabrication Estimator

John Schmidt

Phone Ext. 109Fabrication Estimator

John came to Richard L Sensenig Co. in 2003 as a sales/estimator in the industrial metals division. Working in the industry for most of his professional life, John has been instrumental in the growth of our fabrication of black iron and stainless steel. John is presently in charge of estimating our heavy metal work.

Tim Zell - Structural Steel Estimator

Tim Zell

Phone Ext. 110Structural Steel Estimator

Tim started here at Richard L Sensenig Co. in 2005 as estimator and draftsman in charge of our structural steel and miscellaneous metals. Tim has a very extensive background in structural steel and metal design from years in the highway and pressure vessel industries.

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